Director's Commentary - Reminiscence

Reminiscence: A sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. This short film explores the nostalgia of two old friends that meet unexpectedly in a coffee shop after several years of distance.

This latest It's Not Us Films short, "Reminiscence", is definitely a very personal short for myself. The inspiration behind this film came from a close-knit friendship I had back in middle school that slowly faded away when transitioning into high school. I believe that this experience is universal, it occurs to everyone at one point in their life. Some of the closest friendships you've had will dwindle away and they'll just become a memory. There is a strong nostalgic feeling that comes with meeting an old friend which leads to conversations about the past. I sometimes still see my old friends that I had a brotherly bond with, but as expected the conversation doesn't last long. These short-lived conversations are just a recollection of all the bitter-sweet memories we experienced as children. On the side note, "Reminscence" shows that you must move on from these old moments- it's a bittersweet feeling.


The short was done on a low budget, with just myself behind the camera and Naresh and Calvin acting.  The script took several days to complete  with the help of a friend, Deshawn Totaram. The short called for a few different locations just for the flash back scenes. We tried to create a strong contrast between the present and the past by having a different filming style. You'll notice that the present scenes are all one continuous take while in the past there's multiple angles. Audio was definitely a problem in the present scenes but we opted not to do voice-overs to create a realistic feel. For future shorts we are DEFINITELY upgrading audio equipment! 


Editing this short proved to be challenging in terms of the audio problems we had. I created long pauses in between the flash back to show the awkwardness of when the conversation ends. Deshawn Totaram created the first piece when Calvin and Naresh meet and tracks from Elyon Beats were used throughout the short. As always, I'm definitely pleased with the music Elyon provides us with!


Why is the number left on the table at the end?

At the ending of the film, I really wanted to show that meeting with old friends rarely restores the strong friendship that once existed. The number being left behind symbolizes that their friendship was left behind years ago and that reminiscing about the past doesn't bring it back. Their friendship was only brought back for a brief conversation, nothing more. HOWEVER, you are free to assume that Naresh just remembered Calvin's number like how he remembers Calvin's coffee preference. 


Why does Naresh have the Golden Pages book?! Is he the next holder of it?

We'll leave that to you to think about, BUT as we showed at the end of the Golden Pages, no one gets the chance to finish the book. SO does that mean Naresh knew that Calvin would come and was waiting for that opportunity? :O