Director's Commentary - Golden Pages


Our latest It's Not Us Films short film, "Golden Pages", comes from the idea of foreseeing your future. This project developed from that small idea and we kept fleshing it out  until we were satisfied. With this being our first short film EVER, we are extremely satisfied with the end product!

The short started with our STAR, Calvin, finding a crazy, cosmic looking book after someone drops it. Calvin then picks up the book and the short really begins from there. The short continued with Calvin continuously reading the book, living in complete nostalgia of his early years. We decided to use narrations to portray each segment of the book. As the director, I wanted the book to contain events of Calvin's life that many could relate to, so that people are able to connect their life experiences with the short. I didn't want there to be a significant connection between the character and the audience, but rather the events. 



This short was created over the span of a few weeks. We weren't able to shoot consecutively, however, each day of shooting took approximately 2-3 hours.  The script called for a TON of locations so it took time to shoot.  Each narration required a different location so you can notice the time passing as Calvin continues to read his life's book.  We worked with a small crew, (just the It's Not Us Team) but we did have the help of a few friends. My ALL time favourite shot in the entire film is the romance scene on the bridge (if you've talked about this short with me in person, you probably already know that).


Post- Production

When editing this short, I was EXTREMELY worried about how the entire short would look put together. We had a ton of footage from our shoots, so it was just a matter of picking through the best looking shots and making it flow. Adding the music was CRITICAL to the short, and with the help of Elyon Beats we were able find fitting original music to go with our narrations.